Karen Leafe

Personal Development & Life Coach


Reaching adolescence is exciting and full of opportunity but it can also be a time of high emotion and confusion, as a young person moves towards independence in developing their own sense of identity and purpose.  This can be a time of challenge with conflicting messages from family, friends and wider social influences like youth culture and social media.

I help young people through times of uncertainty, to deal with personal crisis and conflict, manage their emotions/relationships and build their self esteem. Being in a healthy place both socially and emotionally creates more stability where young people can feel safe to explore the wider opportunities open to them.

I have coached many young people who have gone through struggles with;

family/home life

friends/relationships/peer group


feeling lost/unhappy/alone/misunderstood

I offer a private and confidential service for those young people who prefer to be independent of their parents/carers.