Karen Leafe

Personal Development & Life Coach


Parent & Family Coaching

Is life stressful at home and you want to change it? Do you sometimes feel disconnected from your teenager? Do you want a better relationship with your children?

I offer coaching for parents with young children and teenagers. Sometimes we can get stuck in parenting patterns that just don’t work very well and we need a different approach. I have a range of tools and techniques to suit all families.

My philosophy is  “Children do well if they can”  If they cannot then something is getting in the way of their development and you might like to consider the following;

  • Underlying health or developmental needs that could be preventing your child from reaching their predicted milestones (the ability to learn and also make progress in social & emotional skills development)
  • Individual genetic make up and temperament
  • The home environment. Children learn MORE from what they see their parents DOING more than anything else and they often role model these behaviours that they experience at home
  • Your parenting style and how you were parented
  • Parents health and well-being
  • A parent/s ability to teach and foster resilience and emotional health with their children


Coaching options

Coaching location is negotiable. Requests to work from your family home in Somerset may cost a bit more, depending on travel time.