Karen Leafe

Personal Development & Life Coach

Mindful Emotion Coaching

Very few of us are taught or have spent time considering how to manage our emotional landscape. There is a growing body of evidence that for optimal health and happiness in life, it is just as important to look after our mental/emotional health, as well as our physical health.

As humans we all experience the same basic emotions. We learn how to deal with our emotions and form our identity during childhood by the messages we received from our parents or care givers. Then often unconsciously, we carry these patterns and perceptions into adulthood. Our emotions are crucially inter-connected with our thoughts, feelings and senses, they drive and determine our behaviours. With more mindful awareness of our thought patterns and emotions, we can consciously make choices about our thoughts and where we decide to put our focus and energy.

Mindful Emotion Coaching integrates neuro-science and mindfulness with practical tools that help us create rich and rewarding relationships. The eminent Neuro Scientist and psychiatrist Doctor Dan Siegel is working to integrate disciplines across the fields of science and psychology to collaborate effectively together.

Dr John Gottman has studied human interactions over many years and discovered what makes the most effective relationships. Emotion Coaching helps us be more conscious of our own emotional “landscape”; increasing awareness of our own as well as others’ emotions and learning how to handle them with confidence and compassion.

Gottman has created “Emotion Coaching Tools”, providing us with effective ways to work with emotions in any type of relationship; partners, parent, family, friends, school and work. The tools are simple and don’t take a lot of extra time (phew!), but do require us to communicate and interact much more consciously and less re-actively.

There is much evidence emerging which shows the use of Emotion Coaching helps to reduce conflict and stress that children and adolescence experience in school, improve any type of relationship, and increase mental health and well-being.

If you are curious and would like to find out more about Emotion Coaching then please follow the links below which provide further information and a number of video clips.

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