Karen Leafe

Personal Development & Life Coach



Life coaching is an exciting process where you can learn more about yourself, what motivates you and what you want to change or improve. I can help you choose and make changes to benefit your personal, home, work or family life. Together we can unlock what motivates you to take on or complete a new challenge, or make positive lasting changes to your life.

I coach with compassion, energy and inspiration. Living in the beautiful county of Somerset with my family, my clients come to me from across the UK and beyond. I offer coaching in person, Skype or phone, whatever suits you. As your Life Coach, I can create opportunities and tap into your potential to get the results that you desire. If you haven’t yet discovered what you really want, or feel like you are at a crossroads in your life, I will help you gain clarity and motivation.

Is coaching for me?

If you are interested to know if coaching is for you, or if you would just like to have a chat and find out more, then please contact me for a free coaching session. You have nothing to lose except your current dissatisfaction.


Karen is a passionate friendly professional, skilled in life coaching and strategic intervention. Her sensitivity and resourcefulness can assist with client led changes whatever your circumstances. After working alongside Karen within local government support services for over 3 years I highly recommend her coaching style and approach to helping people move forward”   Brendan Rudland